Fresh Start With Baggage

I’ve decided that I have to keep blogging. I am actually quite the prolific blog-person, even though this is my first post – how strange. I have kept a blog on MySpace for something like three years, but it is increasingly difficult to keep the posts updated when there are only one or two readers left on what was once a very popular blog! Let’s not get into the ego of it here, but I would just like to start something new and fresh. Hopefully, there is a way to archive my old work on this website. If so, I’ll add the old blogs. If not, they are still to be found on my old, now defunct MySpace page.

From the beginning of my attempts to break into the blogosphere, I have wrestled endlessly with the idea of moving to a different website – perhaps one which actually links from Google; but I have never had the heart to leave MySpace. Well, now that everyone who ever used MySpace has deserted it (with danah boyd ringing in their ears), I have no reason to stay. There is no demand for what I can supply anymore.

Anyway, the plan is to start writing up new, exciting posts as soon as possible; this was just an introduction. Since the introduction has fell flat on its face and I know noone on this website, there is no point in me asking for advice on creating an archive. Off I go to email admin…


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