Is This Blog?

Uni has messed me up. Bigtime. I analyse things too much as it is, I always have; Uni has given me technical, sociological theories to articulate my analysis into bigger, more confusing theories. It has ruined my enjoyment of life, because now I attach hegemony and Marxism to every little detail. If I can’t properly analyse something and justify the point of it; I have a tendancy just to give up. Therefore I get into the spiral of not DO-ing anything productive.

One subject of my retardanalysis is my life as a blogger. Where is the point? What is a blog? I did an online journalism module last year, which featured blogging; only the lectures made The Blog out to be something much more important than whatever the heck this page is all about. Then, today, I discovered Courtney Love’s Myspace blog, and it turned this whole idea on it’s head. Frankly, the woman is nuts.

So, I’ve been doing some research into what a blog actually is and what a blog should be. So, to quickly define it, Blogger gives a quick and easy definition:

“A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.”

Reassuring – and nice use of the elliptical clause, Blogger! I can fit this blog somewhere into that spectrum. I also found an interesting piece here on this link which is far more academic, if you are interested.

The question these definitions don’t answer, however, is “what makes a blog popular?”. My blog has become far more popular since I moved to WordPress – the site has been good to me. I believe the biggest contributor to my increased popularity is that opposed to my old blog-home on MySpace, I now get hits from Google, which is really nice. People continue to read my style of blog because they like the blogger’s style or sense of humour. My blogs are styled on a newspaper columnist model, like a lot of blogs out there. Even on newspaper websites, blogs tend to adhere to this style. I believe the blog has actually taken over the position of the newspaper comment piece and columnists.

The most famous blogs are those which have a good USP. I don’t think mine actually does; it’s just an arbitrary collection of pieces written by some nobody. If Courtney Love wasn’t famous, I probably wouldn’t have found her blog, and I certainly would not have read her Dadaist keyboard vomit. The woman really is nuts. Lily Allen has a blog which gets a lot of press, even though she isn’t the most eloquent of writers. I’m not saying this is a bad thing – I actually like celebrity blogs (particularly if they are genuinely nuts), and I like that the internet gives access to a whole different range of opinions and topics to whinge about; but it can be overwhelming at times, particularly for a small-time, non-famous blogger like me. Who is going to google my name when noone knows it?!

I sometimes feel a little lost in the blogosphere because I’m up against far more interesting bloggers like Mimi Smartypants (who says in this blog that “this whole diary is about sitting down and turning the brain-faucet on and seeing what trickles out.”), who can keep a diary without analysing her humanity along with it – not too much anyway. Alas, I feel a bit lost because this blog started as a MySpace blog, and was imported wholesale from that site. It did not require a title or an introduction, just text. Lots of text. Here, I’m forced into being far more of a nobody than I ever was before. I guess this is why I insist on changing the title of the page and the banner pic: even after like three years of blogging and a lifetime of diary writing, I can’t decide on how I want to represent myself!

I no longer use my MySpace page, but have preserved it as it was a year ago. It’s like a MySpace tribute to some kid who has died. I feel like Los Davies is dead along with the hippie dream, but it’s nice to be able to drop in and visit him sometimes.


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