Did you just diss me!?

Oh my god! It is like the middle of august already! What a horrible realisation I have just had: this summer has been CRAP!

I decided outright that I was not going to work full-time this summer. Instead, I was going to work part-time because, frankly, I make more money working part time than I need to get by anyway; but I planned to do at least SOME fee-less schill-ing for some newspaper. My original idea was to work with the Sunday Mail, but it didn’t work out. I know one of the high-up journalists at the newspaper, and she has tried to help me out, and apparently someone sent me an email from the news desk, but I never received it. Because I am so self-doubting and lazy, I never pursued it any further until now. Hopefully I can get some work with them during back-at-school time* to help with my dissertation.

*I still have no idea when I go back to uni. In fact, I don’t even know if I will be able to get funding for my final year. Yikes.

So anyway, I have worked part time at Gatsby’s over the summer. I did the same last year, so why is this year different?! Last year, I had Housesitters Anonymous to keep me happy; but this year – what with Bert’s broken collarbone, Angela’s refusal to live in this god-forsaken town anymore and my unfruitful plans to get out of here for at least a few days to clear my head – I have just been bored out of my brain.

I have, however, written loads of poetry and various fragments because of my discovery* of the Moleskine notebook. I have also read a lot of books, owing to my drunken and/or sleep deprived binges on Amazon. In an attempt to get through as many of these books as possible before getting back to uni, I have set myself some very loose deadlines. I originally thought of these deadlines as strict and set in stone, but I have not been penalised thus far for breaking my pledge to finish one part a week in Dostoevsky’s The Idiot. The most harrowing part of this anecdote is that I broke the pledge during my first week. God I wish I was a more prolific reader.

*Is the word “discovery” apt here? I sound as if I have found raw ore in the world of consumerism.

So anyway, during my non-reading, non-working hours (yes, essentially most of my time); I have set about trying to come up with some genuine, workable, viable (easy) ideas to base my dissertation on. I cannot wait to get my teeth into this thing, because for one thing, I am a total geek; and for a second thing, I don’t really think 18,000 words is that big a deal. I mean you only need to type six buttons to express it – three if you knock out the doubles!

Anyway, of all the ideas I could come up with, there are two which I think I could pull off. Maybe.

The first is an exploration of the agendas of free newspapers, such as The Metro and the 5pm Daily Record; looking into how they are made up, why they are distributed, how they make money, political alliances, etc. etc. Basically, I just want to force myself into finding answers deeper than my usual “advertising revenue” put-down. As far as I can see right now, that is the only reason for these newspapers. I am a disdainful, scorning marxist.

The second idea, which would perhaps be easier to write about – perhaps even more suitable for a dissertation – is an essay on how Scottish Politics are reported in the media; especially focusing on the biases of newspapers versus election results.

Any arbitrary information on either of these from complete strangers on the internet would be very much appreciated.


6 responses to “Did you just diss me!?

  1. If I had any knowledge on either of these subjects, I would indulge you. However, I’m only a lowly first-going-on-second year Journalism student so “advertising revenue” is about the height of my knowledge. Soz, m8.

    If it’s any consolation, my summer’s been shit as well. And at least you’ve managed to bleed some vague form of creativity and literary pursuit out of it. I’ve read very close to fuck all and have spent the rest of my time fannying about on BBC iPlayer.

  2. Two thoughts, one per each:
    1. If the free papers turn out to be run by the Scottish mafia or something, you might win a Pulitzer.
    2. If it turns out there is a correlation between the ratio of favorable press articles and getting elected, that would be quite interesting and would have implications and stuff.
    I think they’re probably equally likely and though both are provincial they might be generalizable as all cities have free papers and elections. I kind of like the latter, but also the former. Cheers

  3. “I don’t really think 18,000 words is that big a deal. I mean you only need to type six buttons to express it – three if you knock out the doubles!”

    I don’t get it. Explain.

  4. 18,000 as a digit takes 6 presses of keys to express – 7 if you count the comma button. If you simplify that, you’re only using 3 numerical buttons to write eighteen-thousand. Thus, I win; organised education loses.

  5. The comma is the sixth key stroke and fourth unique key.

  6. You’re right – God only knows why I thought there were 6 digits in a 5-digit number. Maybe this dissertation will be harder than I thought…

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