Oh, Pisomojado At WordPress, You Could Have Been So Much More!

In some deep, dark recess of my psyche resides The Things I Regret. I have lived for 20 years, and thankfully, I have built up very few of these regrets. This week, however, my short list seems to have had a new addition. This regret? This blog.

I have decided to base my dissertation on Scottish political blogs – that newly insitituted and incestual hub of comment and jokes about Oor Wendy (thank you, internet) – and as part of my research* I have come across links to my own blog on serious political blogs. Now, let’s face it, I don’t keep anything near a “professional” blog. These scrolls of tripe would never be affiliated with a newspaper. So, every time I have been linked back to my familiar banner, I feel a tinge of regret. Had I planned this situation a little better, I could have been writing a dissertation on myself – anyone who knows me will understand how difficult it is for me to communicate in any form without talking endlessly about myself. Had I planned to actually write a dissertation, I could have established this place as my own sanctum for political commentary.

*Essentially, just reading the blogs I read anyway. This decision, I am proud to announce, is a tactical move. Cut down on as much extraneous work as possible.

Oh, Pisomojado at WordPress, you could have been so much more! I should perhaps take the time to defend my original raison d’etre – many readers find this place by googling “define:piso mojado”. I can tell you – it is Spanish for “wet floor”. It is also my colloquial in-joke term for getting blind drunk in the Scottish fashion that Alex Salmond wishes to obliterate (See what I did there? This is so obviously a political blog!). Thus, my blog was originally conceived as a place to write horror stories about “OMG read about what I did lastnight PLUS pics of the slutty blonde one spewing up the Steak and Cherry window” or similar. Go on, start using my term. Let’s get it in the OED.

I am having some serious problems getting the dissertation actually started: although I am back in classes, I am in the middle of a month-long holiday from work, so I cannot get back into the usual swing of actually working. I have other work mounting up, but because my schedule is messed up, I cannot get into it. On the plus side, I got paid the other day after three weeks of not working – and blew the lot on a new HP laptop! I intended originally to use this new machine to write my dissertation, but an entire day spent attempting to install MSN messenger suggests otherwise.

Pisomojado is now brought to you from about two feet away from where it has always been written. Exciting!


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