Avez Vous Un Alumette?

I’m sending this album review into a magazine I write for, but since this blog serves as a collage of my obsessions expressed in semi-clear English, I thought I would publish it here too. Something tells me I shouldn’t, but since the editor has no idea that this blog exists, where’s the harm?

When Lady GaGa’s debut album The Fame hits UK shelves on January 13 next year she is set to be a huge hit with UK audiences – and to be on the best of terms with Radio One playlists.

The 22 year old American artist – and I don’t use the term lightly – has gone down a storm in the US, Australia and in Europe with her infectious singles, unique image and inspired stage shows.

Radio friendly singles (with YouTube friendly videos) “Just Dance”, “Poker Face” and “Beautiful, Dirty Rich” show a flair for songwriting and production from the team behind The Fame, and instantly let GaGa’s audience know that she is not just another dance-pop singer.

Lady GaGa hammers her credentials home by wearing her influences on her sleeve – or rather on her face.

More often than not, GaGa wears an Aladdin Sane lightning bolt down one cheek in reference to the man who brought electro to mainstream audiences, David Bowie.

The pseudonym GaGa comes from the Queen song Radio GaGa, given to her by a producer trying to make sense of her musical style – with the title of Lady appropriated by GaGa herself.

However, these highly respected musical influences fade to background noise at certain times throughout the album, pushing the more mainstream pop precedents of Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado and Madonna to the forefront.

Some album tracks, such as “Love Game”, “Eh Eh (Nothing Else To Say)” and “Boys, Boys, Boys” can seem empty, simplistic and pointless compared to their radio-play garnering counterparts: essentially, these tracks are filler material.

At best, these tracks each provide three minutes of respite from the captivating chorus of “Poker Face” which is sure to resonate for days through the brain of anyone who has heard it at least once, even when it is not playing; at worst, these songs are forgettable fluff with obvious chord progressions, highlight GaGa’s weakness as a lyricist and reek of Paris Hilton’s thankfully failed musical career.

The Fame does contain a few hidden gems among the cotton wool filler tracks – “Brown Eyes” is a slow, piano driven song with a nice, bluesy guitar riff reminiscent of Kate Nash.

This track, along with “Again, Again” show real versatility to Lady GaGa’s style.

The danceable Ting Tings-meets-Daft Punk title track and minimalist rock-and-roll tune “SummerBoy” are also highlights, regardless of the latter’s bad timing due to the winter release.

The Fame is an impressive debut album from an artist who has serious chart potential, but her one woman campaign to prove that – in her words – “Pop music will never be low brow” sadly just misses the mark.

This is an artsy video Lady GaGa created in the vein of some gutsy French cinematographer – the best type of marketing. It takes a couple of minutes to get you hooked, then she goes all surreal and makes you love her. If only the line “Hello…. you my bitch or what?” worked in real life…


And this is the incredible video for Poker Face. Try not to get addicted – I dare you.



2 responses to “Avez Vous Un Alumette?

  1. I have you to thank for getting me into Joni Mitchell, after I read your praise of her in your Myspace blogs.

    But Lady GaGa? I’m not convinced..

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