And then there were 359

It is pure crap being a blogging professional.

Here at the Easy Realism offices, we have always been honest about our identity, brushing off any offers of anonymity – or even pseudonymity.

This blog, even in its early stages on MySpace was written exclusively and faithfully by myself, under no pretences or false names. The blog has always been linked to a profile of its author, and Easy Realism has always prided itself on just that – being grounded in reality. Most of the time, anyway.

This does pose its own limitations: I am accountable for any glaring errors of accuracy and defamatory statements I produce here, which is never good for a fledgling journalist; and any pisomojadoic bile I wish to bring up from my visceral depths must be swallowed back down, regardless of how acidic.

I am not allowed the catharsis of the anonymous prostitute blog, where every sucked cock is laid bare online; and on a more savoury note, I never write about my tumultuous love life*.

*actually, not that interesting at all, but it would be nice to let it all spill out.

Therefore, I propose to start writing an anonymous dirty blog. Really, really dirty. Really.

And I’m not going to link to it, because that defeats the purpose.

It is just a shame that blogs allow one facet of a person’s life to be explored (or exposed) in an online setting; but for so many other areas to be left out of the picture.

I am currently writing my dissertation on blogs written by MPs (research for which has left me no time to blog – a strange paradox indeed) which has brought out this idea of online exposure and the details which must be left out for personal security and privacy reasons.

We live at a time when we expect every detail to come out in the media, including a person’s blog – maybe even moreso than in the papers – so I think that because so much must be left out of blogs, even the most personal of diaries will give a skewed picture of what is really going on inside a person’s head and in their life. 

Just a thought!


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