Since, like, a week before everyone else had heard of her and the UK charts fell at Lady GaGa’s knees, Easy Realism has been a total believer in her cause.

Sure, she hasn’t a clue how to create an original rhyming couplet, but her first two singles – Just Dance and Poker Face – were slick slices of genius pop which totally hit the mark; with excellent videos and tabloid PR kicking them right up the charts.

Third single Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), on the other hand, is as awkwardly written as its title suggests; and sounds like she has lifted the backing track to some hideous j-pop and applied her own insipid lyrics.

After that whole episode about Aguilera stealing GaGa’s image – to EPIC FAIL proportions – Easy Realism would expect GaGa to go all out in cashing in on her own visuals – like she did with her two single release videos plus numerous other promos.

However, the video features a Christina-Aguilera/Gwen-Stefani-pastiche GaGa paying needless homage to her Italian ancestry; as opposed to the haute couture underwear and not a lot else style that fans love and boils the Daily Mail‘s blood. There is not a drop of originality in either the song or the video – I am very disappointed.

Christina GaGuilera

Obviously incenced by Aguilera’s recent blocky-fringe theft, GaGa has opted to hit her back two-fold. Not only has she created a ridiculous pastiche of Aguilera’s ridiculous pastiche of the entire 1930s from when she released that album of unconvincing blues tunes…


…but she has also made an allusion to Aguilera’s Dirrrrrty period – presumably by turning up to this day’s shooting without shampooing her hair extensions.


Gwen Stefani Germanotta

Not content on hijacking the career and image of Aguilera alone, GaGa has taken on the persona and Eastern slave trading ways of Gwen Stefani.


Did someone say Harajuku girls?



However, even with the crap music and uninspired video; there is still potential for this guff to be a hit. Not only are there a hundred million worse songs that have not only done well in the charts but been contenders for the top spot, this video includes allusions to hardcore porn and those creepy dogs that showed up in her Poker Face video like diabolical signatures; which will surely seal this release as a mainstream hit.



Looks like she’s finally made a bad – but nowhere near devestating – move. Though a duet with Paris could spell career suicide. Watch this space.


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