I should not be allowed an internet.

1. I got my fancy cigarettes yesterday. I haven’t tried the Black Russian Sobranies yet, but I did give the much lusted after Natural American Spirits a try. I had built these up in my head as something special. Turns out I was wrong. Biggest vice let down ever.

2. To make up for this upset (I spent like £8 on those cigarettes!!), I went looking for the much lusted after DSLR camera on the net. I found an auction site which was selling a Nikon D90 for £4. I got excited. I was ecstatic. I went a bit overboard with the bidding. Turned out the website was a scam – THAT’S RIGHT, SWOOPO, I KNOW YOUR GAME – and I made the rookie mistake of spending £10 worth of bids on fuck all. That’s right. I lost a tenner to scam merchants.
3. I went into uni at 17:05 to do dissertation work. By 17:15, I had blown £300 on a Canon EOS 400D on eBay. DSLR lust took over and I was thinking from the groin. God, what a fool. I have £60 to last me the next three or four weeks. Even then, pay day isn’t going to bring me any joy. The worst part is, I don’t even know how to use a decent camera.

I can’t even write anything beyond this, I am in such disbelief. Please, someone, reassure me that I have not made a dire mistake!


3 responses to “I should not be allowed an internet.

  1. you haven’t made a dire mistake; i got a dslr for christmas and despite having no real photography knowledge, it gives me a lot of pleasure. i mean, jesus, you can take a picture of yourself in bright sunlight then upload it onto your computer and count all of the pores you didn’t know you had.
    also £60 will last you, for food anyway. just go to lidl/aldi. oh and (whispers) farmfoods. packets of bourbon creams are 25p or something.

    • Oh, Aldi, how I have missed thee! I knew there would be a positive to come out of this hardship.

      Thanks for the support. I was going nuts lastnight after spending all that cash, but now I am so psyched about getting this camera – probably due to trying to block the expense out of my head.

      Can’t wait to play the body dismorphia game with this camera – new pores, here I come!

  2. Davie, I love you… But you’re an idiot. Nikon story amused me to no end… but now you have £60 and no social life to be had, thus a shit load of time to learn how to use your camera.

    Muchos love


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